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Hamilton Bears are bespoke handmade memory bears created from your treasured clothing. Almost anything that is special to you can be sent to make your Hamilton Bear

About Us

Hamilton Bears: bespoke handmade memory bears created from your children's clothing, personalised especially for you.

Handmade in Ireland using recycled and locally sourced products wherever possible.

The best gift for parents, grandparents, god children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, christening gifts, 1st birthdays, 18th birthdays, 21st birthday, baby showers, maternity leave, sons, daughters, mum and dad. 

Where we are now

Hamilton Bear is now in it's third year of business, we have had a lovely facelift to the website and we have a fantastic new workshop located on Pearse Street in Dublin 2 where you can book an appointment and call in to meet Caroline and the bears in person. It's lovely to see the bears in real life to get a good sense of their size - new 'Grand-Mama Bear' is quite something - and to see who and where you are trusting your priceless items to. Call 086 0293127 or email to make an appointment

Where we began

Hamilton Bear is the idea of Caroline Barron, a fashion designer and Aunt who wanted to create a special keep-sake gift for her nephews Ted and Charlie. 

After several Birthdays, Christmases and Christenings passed with no joy of finding that special gift, and with several comments of 'you'r a designer, just make them something' she set about to do just that. The lightbulb moment came when Big Sis was chatting about packing clothes away into the attic that she just couldn't part with. It seemed sad that these gorgeous pint sized clothes would be put away not to be seen again, so she asked for a donation of some of Ted and Charlie's clothes and asked for permission to cut them up... As the trusting sister that she is, Big Sis obliged and the first Hamilton Bear was created. 

It wasn't a first time success, however after much trial and error Ted Bear and Charlie Bear were brought to life. The boys could chat about pictures of them wearing things on the bears and Big Sis had a memory of the boys she could lovingly display that not only looked like them but smelt like them too.

The idea evolved from making a one-off gift for her nephews into making bears for friends and family, and then into the bigger adventure of starting Hamilton Bear.

No longer shall beautiful outgrown baby clothes be vacuum packed into attics around the country. Now they can be signed over to Carrie to be handmade into bespoke, 100% personalised Hamilton Bears.  

 Hamilton Bear at the RDS Craft & Design Show 2015 - thank you Colin Judge for the lovely pic

Hamilton Bear at the RDS Craft & Design Show 2015 - thank you Colin Judge for the lovely pic